Biden administration ‘active participant in encouraging and facilitating’ illegal immigration: Mark Morgan

President Biden has enabled the U.S. government to violate its own immigration laws, former Customs and Border Protection Director Mark Morgan told “The Story” Wednesday.

Morgan noted to host Martha MacCallum that Biden all but promised such during a 2019 primary debate when he said America should invite a “surge to the border” of people who claim to be seeking asylum.

In addition, he pointed out that Biden is pushing to keep Americans under strict socioeconomic lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, but does not seek the same restrictions for noncitizen border crossers.

MARK MORGAN: That was their plan. Their plan was to remove every policy or authority that had the Trump name attached to it, Martha. That was effective. They’ve done that. The United States is an active participant in encouraging and facilitating the illegal — this is the part — illegal entry into the United States.


Everything coming out of the press secretary’s [Jen Psaki’s] mouth is a spin and a blatant lie. The dangerous part is the journey. Right now, in the middle of the global pandemic, they’re traveling through [coronavirus] hotspots in Mexico, traveling in groups, which I call active mobile petri dishes. When they get to the border, they’re kept in overcrowded, unsanitary houses. 

“Up to 30% are abused along the journey. Once they’re smuggled in, they’re trafficked. It’s incredulous that she’s talking about the cruelty after they get here.

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