Greg Gutfeld on racism and blocking the sun

Gutfeld!” host Greg Gutfeld responded to reports that scientists want to block the sun in order to prevent global warming, because “the sun is racist.” 

“I am 100% for [turning off the sun], because as you know, the sun is racist, because everything is racist. It is now easier just to make a list of things that aren’t racist, right, and I came up with a list, and the only thing I found that’s not racist, is that feeling I get when I put my finger in my bellybutton. That’s definitely not racist. But everything else is racist.

Let me tell you what’s behind this sun thing. It’s solar engineering, right, which I am for, because they’re going to have these solar engineers fly to fiery orb, and place a giant sun visor over the sun, and that’s going to solve all our problems. I am so for this. I’ve had enough of the sun. The sun – overrated. Always up there, following you around.”


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