Ingraham: Dems justify Capitol lockdown with ‘vague warnings’ about ‘terrible people’

Laura Ingraham began her show, “The Ingraham Angle,” railing against the “obscene and ongoing lockdown” of Capitol Hill, saying that Americans who want to visit the seat of our nation’s government are being treated as terrorists.

The Fox News host said that Democrats, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, “tried to paper it over this week with the vague warnings about terrible things that could happen at the hands of terrible people—people who support Trump of course.”

Ingraham alleged the Democrats’ concern for security is a farce. “We all know this is a charade,” Ingraham claimed, “While Democrats insist on serious fencing and barricades around their place of work, they’re throwing open our southern border so any migrant, any criminal, or frankly any terrorist who wants to illegally cross the southern border, can essentially waltz right in now.

“But any American, who just wants to bring their family to visit the capital and speak with his representative is treated like a terrorist.”

Democrat leaders Pelosi and Schumer, according to Ingraham, are using the January 6 Capitol Hill riots to stoke the fears of Americans in order to “solidify their grip on power.”


Ingraham warned that conservatives could be in for more Capitol Hill-style lockdowns in the near future. “Those barricades and fences, assault vehicles and troops, are what you could be facing next year if you attend an anti-lockdown or a pro-second Amendment rally,” claimed Ingraham. “You’ll be the next suspect in their domestic terror drama.”

The opportunity to call out the overbearing nature of these lockdowns, shouldn’t pass by the Republican Party, “The Ingraham Angle” host intimated. “Every opportunity, from now on, GOP members of Congress have to start asking members of the Biden administration whether they believe that China or Trump is a bigger threat to America.”

Ingraham wants to know, “Is it the CCP or the GOP and its supporters that we should be worried about?”


Pelosi says there is a “domestic terror challenge in this country” and that “domestic violence [is] taking more lives than international violence in this country.”

To which Ingraham simply replied, “If the biggest terror problem are all here in the United States, why do we need so many troops in the Middle East?”

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