Leo Terrell: ‘Al Capone’s got nothing on Lori Lightfoot’ as gang violence overwhelms Chicago

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell compared Chicago Democratic Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot to organized crime boss Al Capone, telling “Hannity” it is obvious to him that the mayor “cut a deal” with the Windy City’s violent element while she instead attacks White news reporters and law-abiding Illinois gun owners.

TERRELL, LOS ANGELES CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY: Lori Lightfoot is a political gangster. She’s cut a deal, she’s not going after the gangs, she’s going to go after White reporters and she’ll go after gun control and law-abiding citizens – she ignored the help of Donald Trump but she’s begging from help for Joe Biden because she wants to make it a gun issue and she wants to make it a pandemic issue. 

But she allows the gang members [and] career criminals to flourish in Chicago. Al Capone’s got nothing on Lori Lightfoot – she’s a gangster. 

She’s cut a deal with the Chicago gangs and she is going to allow them to flourish and she’s going to [do it] at the expense of the minorities. It’s ridiculous and shameful.


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