Pete Hegseth: Dems decimate America in push to shatter ceilings

Fox News Primetime” host Pete Hegseth slammed the Biden administration’s refugee policy, saying “there’s no doubt, America is wide open.” 

PETE HEGSETH: Each year, the White House notifies Congress of the maximum number of refugees the executive branch plans to allow into our country in the coming year.  This number is known as the “refugee ceiling.”  

Because there is no glass ceiling the Left doesn’t want to shatter — why not crash that one as well. Yesterday, the people in charge at the White House — whoever that is — announced they would raise the refugee ceiling for next year to the highest level in American history. The highest ever — to a goal of 125,000 authorized refugees next year — a number higher than has ever been given in a year — even to say, Jews in World War II Germany. For reference, that number — 125,000 — equals the population of say Fargo, North Dakota, or Wilmington, North Carolina. No big deal. 

By the way, this 125,000 refugees is on top of the hundreds of thousands of illegals flooding our southern border. Totally different headcounts. Add them together, and now you’re talking the size of Miami, Minneapolis, or Atlanta — every year. 

There is no doubt. America is wide open. And we have no reason to believe the numbers won’t grow even more. Because, just last month, the White House announced they are considering an entirely new category of refugees: climate refugees. Refugees used to have to be fleeing war or persecution — now they need only be fleeing the weather! 


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