Utah mom blasts school district over mask mandate: ‘I had enough’

Sophia Anderson, a Granite School District Utah parent, told “America Reports” on Friday that education officials were censoring parents at a recent school board meeting over mask mandates.

SOPHIA ANDERSON: Well, to be honest, I never went to that meeting intending for it to become a pressure cooker situation, and so I went to just give Utah parents a voice because it’s been 14 months of these mandates and the way our children are being treated in the schools.

I was fed up and so I went only to have a voice and speak up for my children. And I was hoping to be able to maybe represent parents across Utah. And when they did not allow fair representation from Utah parents.

And instead, they had members from our from Utah’s largest teachers union expressing their thoughts on how our children needed to be continued and we needed to continue the mass mandate. I had had enough. And so I approached the podium and I basically begged them to just listen to us.


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