Will Cain: ‘It has become undeniable’ the United States is ‘less safe today than it was yesterday’

As President Biden prepares to address the nation’s skyrocketing crime surge later this week, “Fox News Primetime” host Will Cain highlighted the rising crime rate in U.S. cities and how Democratic state & local officials leading those cities have either been silent or unresponsive on the continued violence wracking their communities.

“It has become undeniable, whether or not you’ve personally seen it or if it’s happening in your backyard. We all feel it. America is less safe today than it was yesterday,” Cain said. 

Cain noted the disparity between those apprehended for the January 6 Capitol riot to those who rioted throughout the summer of 2020. He described how several suspects still being held in dire prison conditions months after they were indicted following the Capitol riot. He reported that one suspect, a high school student indicted on a weapons charge after allegedly illegally entering the Capitol with a collapsible baton on his person, remains in solitary confinement 23 hours a day.

“He didn’t wield [it], he didn’t hurt anyone, he didn’t vandalize the Capitol. what he did was wrong but does that mean we set aside the humanitarian concerns and the rule of law on pretrial detention?” asked Cain. “Does that make him a greater threat to society than someone who burns a federal building in Portland?”

Cain went on to point out that Multnomah County, Oregon, District Attorney Mike Schmidt, a Democrat whose jurisdiction includes Portland, has refused to prosecute as many as 80 percent of riot cases from the past year.

At the same time, New York County District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. decided this week to drop charges against hundreds of violent left-wing rioters and looters, who terrorized the Big Apple over the past year.

Cain noted how Vance appears to be more interested in the political prosecution of former President Donald Trump than prosecuting rioting and looting cases. 

“[Vance] instead decided to use the city’s resources to investigate who the left still sees as public enemy number one,” Cain remarked. “In Donald Trump, the left has found the one crime they’re willing to prosecute to the fullest: The events of January 6 – and the one set of criminals they’re willing to throw the book at The Capitol Hill rioters.”

Meanwhile, Cain said none of the hundreds of suspects have been charged with sedition or any such egregious offense, including Democrats‘ “favorite word” – insurrection.

“Based on what we’re seeing from Democratic politicians and the federal government [the White House’s] interest in coming down hard on crime has little do to with making you safer, and is all about—as it’s always about—their favorite topics: racism and Donald Trump,” he said. 


“This isn’t a defense of all the people who took part in the Capitol riot of January 6th,” Cain underlined. “Some of them are guilty of violent offenses and will be met with justice. In fact: This isn’t a defense of any of the Capitol riot defendants. it’s a defense of the rule of law; of the right to a speedy trial; of humanitarian conditions we would extend to members of ISIS—of due process. it’s a defense of them being defendants and not detainees.”

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